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Who We Are!

Director Chris-Teena Constas is a Michigan native. Like many, she has felt the ups and downs of the Michigan economy and relocated to Chicago to work in the film industry in 2006.

When Michigan passed the tax incentive for film, she moved back armed with a business plan, film experience, and hope for what this industry could bring to Michigan.

She started documenting her quest, and in the process captured the impact it had on many Michigan families.  This is a bittersweet documentary about hope, reinvention, and the determination of the people of Michigan.

We are all a collection of stories.  Our lives intersect, and we are shaped by these stories.  Chris-Teena Constas took three years documenting almost every minute of her life, and in the process captured a heartfelt story about Michigan, and the people impacted by the Michigan Film Tax Incentive. Come see why we should all support the creative class.